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WAX 'n' WiX

Two Lake George Candle Making Studios: Join us to make wonderful memories and beautiful candles
Make Candles * Hand Made Candles and Gifts * Custom Candle Making * Unique Gifts * Crafting Classes
Lake George Village
38 Montcalm Street  Lake George, NY 12845. This studio opens weekends through Oct 16, 2022.
Adirondack Outlet Mall
1444 State Route 9, Lake George NY 12845 Winter Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM Every Day  T: 518-668-5988  

Fun Actitivities with Wax 'n' Wix 

Our Winter Calendar of Special Events Begins on January 20th!

Finding Fun Things to Do in Lake George is Easy!
Woodburning Sign Making with Wini Martin: February 17th at 6 PM
Adirondack Winery: Wine Bottle Candles January 27th at 6 PM
Adirondack Winery : Wine Glass Candle February 24 at 6 PM


Wax 'n' Wix Special Winter Events
Wood Burning Sign Class
Wine Tasting and Wine Bottle Candle Making
Wine Tasting and Wine Glass Candle Making

Join us for  Wini's Wood Burning Sign Class.
Join us on February 17th from 6 PM to 8 PM at our Adirondack Outlet Mall Studio for our Popular Wood Burning Sign Class
$40 per Person 
We provide everthing including refreshments
Watch our video for more information!

Special Announcement
If you purchased tickets for our December Class that was snowed out, these tickets can be used for our February Class at no additional cost. Please let us know your coming by clicking the button below. We wil hold your spot.

Custom Candle Making

We do what no other candle company  will.

 We Make Custom Candles to Order!

Bring us your candle need and we will find a way to make it for you. 

Wedding Candles * Center Pieces * Wall Sconces * Heirloom Candle Holders

Containers * Pillar * Unusual Shapes * Distinctive Colors

Parafin * Soy Blends * 100% Soy * Bees Wax

Many Fragrances * Unlimited Color Selection

Various White Containers 4.jpg

Container Candles

Choose from one of our stock containers or Bring one of your Own

Twisted Candles in Fall 2022 Colors V1.jpg

Solid ColorTaper Candles

Twisted or Straight

Various Sizes and Lenghts

7 Cylinder Candles 3.jpg

Pillar Candles

Many Different Shapes and Sizes

Wine Bottle Candles 10.10.22.jpg

Branded Candles

Handcrafted branded candles to sell, support important charities, unique client gifts.

*Buy Three "Our Home Collection" candles for Just $20.00*

Premium Local Productts

New Candle Display 4 11.6.20.jpg

"Our Home Collection"

Handmade Candles

Candle Action Shot 5.20.20 4.jpg
Gang o Pentagons 4.jpg

Candle making  is more fun than ever! 

Safe * Enjoyable * Family Fun

Candle Makers: 
Build your special candle.
Beautiful & Fragrant
Mention our Web Site Ad and
get 10% Off!

Focused Young Candle Maker 6 9.14.19.jpg

Don't Throw Used Candles Away!

Bring them to our New Candle Recycling Center!

We will weigh your candles, and give you  a store credit of $.25 per pound.

Before Pic 2 1.30.20.jpg

This candle was remade from customer used candle.


Beautiful and Fragrant! 

Before Pic 4 1.30.20.jpg

This candle was remade from customer used candle.


Beautiful and Fragrant! 

Spring 2021 Upgrades Photo 3.jpg

Comfortable Seating * Wonderul Atmosphere *Fantastic Fun

Make a Wonderul Memory and a Favorite Candle!

It's so much fun for everyone in the family.

Pick Shapes-Pick Colors-Pick a Scent

Make a Candle and a wonderful memory!

Special Events!
Join us and our Adirondack Artists for Guided Classes!
Our classes are a wonderful way to spend creative time with friends and family. 

MOL Photo 6.jpg
Group Shot 6 2.12.20.jpg
Welcome 1.jpg
Tickets are available on line.
Painting Image 4.jpg
Abstract Painting Class by Dream Colors
Wood Burning Sign Class Series

Adirondack Artist Showcase

Handmade * High Quality* Beautiful

At our shop, see unique and unusual pieces created by local Adirondack Artists.

Working Together - Showcasing "One of a Kind" Adirondack Art

Avis Photo 2.jpg
Handmade Greeting Cards
Card 1.jpg
Card 3.jpg
Wini Wood Burning.jpg

Early Bird Special!
First 10 Candle Makers on Thursday or Friday!
Make any shape $20 or less for just $10 Bucks

Share in the Fun!

We Make Hand Made Branded Customized Specialty Items

Buying Local Drives Growth & Provides Unique Items for Sale or Promotion of Your Business. 

Click here to reach our Candle Engineers: 

Wine Glass Candle
Wine Glass Candle

This candle is created to your specifications, colors and scent. Our candle engineers work with you to craft the perfect piece.

press to zoom
Hand Painted Branded Shaped Candles
Hand Painted Branded Shaped Candles

Tell us the shape your want and we will prepare the candles, place your logo onto the piece. This candle is scented like smoke house bacon! Very popular.

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Beautiful Gift Baskets

Create memorable hand made gifts for teachers, family, wedding favors and customers.

Great Team building activity that produces both great chemistry and wonderful gifts. To get more information, click the  link: 

Gift Basket
Gift Basket

Create a customized gift basket.

press to zoom
Table Center Piece
Table Center Piece

Combine shapes, colors and textures to match any decor.

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Scented Room Freshener
Scented Room Freshener

Pick your favorite stuffed animal and have it converted to a room freshener with your favorite scent.

press to zoom
Customized Center Piece
Customized Center Piece

Create a special center piece with a theme.

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Our Favorite Photos of Lake George 

Unique Views of the Road Less Traveled!

Looking North from Cleverdale.
Looking North from Cleverdale.

It's never calmer than May in Lake George.

press to zoom
Just After Sunset on the West Shore
Just After Sunset on the West Shore

Looking from Cleverdale toward the western shore at dusk.

press to zoom
Green Mountain in the late afternoon
Green Mountain in the late afternoon

The sun is setting in the west and giving this mountain a special lighting treatment.

press to zoom
Looking North from Cleverdale.
Looking North from Cleverdale.

It's never calmer than May in Lake George.

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