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Lake George Candle Making Studio: A Wonderful Place to Make Memories

Make Candles * Hand Made Candles and Gifts * Custom Candle Making * Unique Gifts * Great Activity

38 Montcalm Street  Lake George, NY 12845 T: 518-668-5988

We are open for curb-side Pick Up!

Lori and I hope you and your family came through this peculiar time healthy and whole. It has been challenging for everyone. We are not dwelling on the problems. We are now taking orders for curb-side Pick Up!.

Place your order via on our on-line store. We will make your candle and you can pick it up at our Adirondack Outlet Mall location.

We have some really cool new candles too!

Candle Action Shot 5.20.20 4.jpg
New Shapes
Bigger More Comfortable Seating
New Candle Bar!

Candle making  will be more fun than ever! 

Safe * Enjoyable * Family Fun

New New Beautiful Citronella Candles

Soy Blend Blue Glass 2.jpg

Special Annoucement!

We are getting ready to reopen. 

Safetly First!

We are completing our new candle making, NYS compliant  procedures today so you and your family can enjoy an hour of creative time together.

Check Back Frequently!


Don't Throw Used Candles Away!

Bring them to our New Candle Recycling Center!

We will weigh your candles, and give you  a store credit of $.25 per pound.

These two candles are remade from customer used candles.


Beautiful and Fragrant! 

It's so much fun for everyone in the family.

Pick Shapes-Pick Colors-Pick a Scent

Make a Candle and a wonderful memory!

To celebrate our new studio, Lori wants to offer a special candle making deal.

Make two candles and get one of the same or lower price for free!


At our New Studio

You Make Beautiful & Fragrant 




Spring Events!

Kick Off Your Weekend by attending our

Candle Making Class

on Friday March 27th!

Join us at our Adirondack Outlet Mall Studio and make 2 -  2.5 lb candles while enjoying a glass of your favorite Adirondack Winery wine and a deliciously fresh hand-made wrap from the Moose on the Loose Deli. 

Our all inclusive price of just $45.00 

MOL Photo 6.jpg
Group Shot 6 2.12.20.jpg
Click on the Photo to get your tickets!

Adirondack Artist Showcase

They are coming with us!

At our shop, see unique and unusual pieces created by local Adirondack Artists.

Working Together - Showcasing "One of a Kind" Adirondack Art

One of a Kind Artwork.
Handmade Greeting Cards

Early Bird Special!

First 10 Candle Makers on Thursday or Friday!

Make any shape for just $10 Bucks

Candle of the Month!

Contests held between September and June

Now is your chance to pit your candle making skills against your peers.

Come to our shop in Lake George, make a candle and a great memory.

Then, if you think you made a Master Piece, enter your creation into our Candle of the Week contest. There is no cost, just give us your contact information and let us take a photo of your candle, and your in. 

Once a week, we will send out a gallery of all of the candidates. Then you and our candle making friends vote on the most beautiful candle. The maker of the candle with the most votes wins. 

What do you win? A fabulous cash prize of $25.00!

You do not need to be present to win. 

The competition is pretty stiff, as you can see from the candle images below

Wanna Make a Beautiful Candle?

Come to our candle making shop and create a  beautiful handcrafted candle. 


Located just a short walk off Canada Street in the center of the Village of Lake George, come to our workshop and enjoy the best activity in Lake George NY while relaxing with your loved ones. Laughter and quiet conversation mix with the calming aromas from our selection of wonderful scents, setting the stage for proper candilification. Meet some happy candilifiers by visiting our Facebook Page: Our Facebook Page


This time of year, we are open daily. So we are a great activity for you, friends and family.  Come on in, make a candle and enjoy for yourself. Click on this link to make sure there is a spot open when you get here: 

Kid and Pet Friendly!

Master Candle Maker
New Best Candle of the Week!
Candle Addicts
Good thing vacation only lasted a week, we would have to get a bigger house!
Fun Activity for all Ages & Species
Two Smiles and a Great Memory...Call Ahead if you are bringing a cat.
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Share in the Fun!

We Make Hand Made Branded Customized Specialty Items

Buying Local Drives Growth & Provides Unique Items for Sale or Promotion of Your Business. 

Click here to reach our Candle Engineers: 

Wine Glass Candle
This candle is created to your specifications, colors and scent. Our candle engineers work with you to craft the perfect piece.
Hand Painted Branded Shaped Candles
Tell us the shape your want and we will prepare the candles, place your logo onto the piece. This candle is scented like smoke house bacon! Very popular.
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Beautiful Gift Baskets

Create memorable hand made gifts for teachers, family, wedding favors and customers.

Great Team building activity that produces both great chemistry and wonderful gifts. To get more information, click the  link: 

Gift Basket
Create a customized gift basket.
Table Center Piece
Combine shapes, colors and textures to match any decor.
Scented Room Freshener
Pick your favorite stuffed animal and have it converted to a room freshener with your favorite scent.
Customized Center Piece
Create a special center piece with a theme.
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Our Favorite Photos of Lake George 

Unique Views of the Road Less Traveled!

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Green Mountain in the late afternoon

The sun is setting in the west and giving this mountain a special lighting treatment.