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Lake George Candle Making Studio: A Wonderful Place to Make Memories

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38 Montcalm Street  Lake George, NY 18245 T: 518-668-5988 

Bo's Page

Hello Everyone!

Is there anything better than September on Lake George! 

Jeno visited with her pack mate Joe. We did a little water skiing, a bit of paddle boarding and of course we bar hopped for one afternoon.  

I even gave paddle boarding a try. It was a little tricky getting on. Clearly they were not thinking about 4 legged users when the built these things. 


But once I got on it, well then, we were off to the races. Not sure I got the full excercise benefit described in the brochure though. The paddle design was a bit human centric. I guess I will have to rent  a human if Nej is not around.




Marketing Meeting Update



K, I admit we have been making up for lost time this fall by holding most of our marketing meetings on the lake. Lori is still a bit tired though, and during long research presentations, well, she tends to doze off. Perhaps more coffee would help.....

I know, I know, everyone thinks marketing is all picknics and golf and this photo does little to dispell this notion. Everyone knows this weather won't go on forever. And hey, I am still in my honeymoon, so the boss is open to trying a few out of the box brainstorming techniques. So I am going to ride this wave as long as I can.




Fall Promotional Activity


It was a productive day. We were able to get our next blog out and we launched our first fall promotional offer.


In our blog, we launched a contest to see if anyone could identify the location of the photo to the right. It is a well known spot in the Narrows of Lake George. So far, no one has guessed the correct location. So keep trying. We will be announcing the winner in a couple of weeks, so there is still time for you to enter. Click here to enter.

We are also constantly updating  our on-line store with new ideas and beautiful new candles. We are excited to offer a 20% discount on all orders over $50 placed through our on-line store. 

Take a look at our great gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season!

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