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Candle Making and Dogs: What do they have in common?

The Author

So, what does making candles and dogs have in common? Let's see, do both look good standing on your dinning room table? No. Do they both smell good when burning? No. Do you have to clean up after them once they have been around a while? Maybe.

Well, at first blush, it seems dogs and candles have very little in common. I mean, does anyone own a hairy candle or a candle with a wet nose? How would it feel if a candle licked your face? No, I'm still not hitting on any common ground.

Wait, I got it. Both dogs and candles are beautiful. Both dogs and candles make us feel good when we spend time with them. Relaxing with Lori watching her favorite movie while snuggling together on an overstuffed couch in a candle lit room. Now there is an image I can grab onto, and is for me one of the best ways to spend an evening, even if I do get the evil eye from Jim once in a while. And I can keep it going if I just growl a little when Lori acts like she is getting up. It is so easy to manipulate you humans.

Candle making is just like that. Sitting in the shop with various fragrances wafting around, quiet music playing in the back ground, soft conversation and the task of making a candle to occupy the mind. It is a perfect atmosphere to spend a little time getting to know each other. I guess that is why I like the studio so much. It is just not like other stores in Lake George. Making candles is an experience and activity that produces cool candles, and permits us to share with the candle makers. I know my photo is pretty dog eared, and that must mean somebody likes looking at it, other than Lori that is.

Well, for my first post, I am going to keep it short and to the point. Both dogs and candle making are cool.

Hey, on the more personal side, I have training for the Lake George Marathon Swim. Lori shot some video of my exercise routine, so I thought I would post it to share with you. You will see it soon. Also, Lori and I, being dog lovers you know, would like to see your photos of your four legged companions. So visit our Facebook page and post some doggy pics. We would love to see them.

That's it for now. Until we meet again, don't get your tail caught in the door!


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