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Beautiful Candle Girls at Erlowest Winterfest!

Greetings from the Grand Ballroom at the Inn at Erlowest!

Candles Candles everywhere, and not a drop to drink...Well, that's not really the case. There was lots to drink and eat at the Winterfest. And as you can see, not just a few pretty girls!

Tasty Adult Beverages, Dancing, Great Food, Candilifying, what more could a dog look for?

This is the last week for Winterfest. Lake George got a foot of new snow and more is on the horzon. The lake is frozen, so add to this cool gig some interesting LG Winter Carnival activities and I see a great way to kick off your winter holiday week.

And by the way, because I am such an important and infuential member of the local business community, I have a few "Free Tickets" to share with our candle making friends. Let me know if you can make it to Winterfest, and I will tell Juliana that your a friend of Dr. Bo Dog of Wax 'n' Wix and you get in for free!

I hope to see you there.

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