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Breaking the Rules Every Fall.

Everyone writes about the beautiful fall colors during this season here in Lake George. Yeah, the views are wonderfully colorful this time of year, or at least, so I am told. As you probably know, dogs only see in black and white. So I have to take your word for it. I can say the shapes of the leaves are pretty much the same this time of year. Not sure in my observation will get quoted in the Chamber pitch this month.

Anyway, what makes this season special for me is what the family does this time of year. Here is the inside skinny on Lake George during the off season. The Dog Police are off the lake, so we get to go on the water and visit the islands! Nothing is more fun, even for us highly educated canines, then breaking the rules by having full run of an island.

So, we gathered the friends, packed a lunch and headed out to the Narrows for a little illegal fun running, swimming, and sniffing every blade of grass and rock without anyone yanking us around by the neck. Check out the photos.

Our First Contest!

One Free Candle to the first person who can tell me what island we were on. To enter, go the the contact us tab, and submit your guess.

This winner can select any candle and come to the shop or submit the order on-line.

Good Luck!

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